Our aim is to satisfy and to provide the best possible service. But we recognize that sometimes things go wrong.

We are not able to accept cancellations once your order has been processed and is ready for shipping (you have been notified of your tracking number). Up to that point, if you change your mind and wish to cancel your order, please contact us and let us know.

We will refund you direct to your bank if you paid direct into our bank. We will have to deduct a small administration fee to help defray the cost of the doctor’s time and unavoidable bank and administration charges.

If we make a mistake and ship you the wrong medication, please do NOT open the medication package. We are not able to accept returns of opened or partially used medication. Please notify us of the mistake immediately and we will ship you a replacement at our expense.

It will help us if you send us a photograph of the medication you’ve received in error. We will instruct you how to return the unwanted items – this will vary depending on your location and the nature of the medication.

If your shipment is damaged in transit, please do not open but immediately send us a photograph of the damaged package. We will ship you a replacement and instruct you on what to do with the damaged goods.

If your shipment fails to arrive in the expected time, please use the DHL tracking facility in your country (UK site is here.) If the package is entirely lost we will of course ship a replacement as soon as possible at our expense.