Hello, my name is Gajan and I own Relimeds with my Partner Sharavanan. I live in Chennai India
and run my business from there. In 2009 I went to England to study for my MBA at Nottingham University.

Whilst living there I realised how difficult and expensive it is to get hold of medication. Either the NHS wont allow the product, or the drug needs to be initiated by a consultant or the doctor has some personal gripe about it, or the time waiting for an appointment is so long, and if all these obstacles can be avoided then you find that only branded drugs are stocked in the UK pharmacies and it is just too expensive to buy.

I therefore decided to open a pharmacy specifically to supply UK patients. Relimeds was born. Being in the UK taught me more than my MBA. It also taught me that when you say you are going to phoned back a British person expects to be phoned back, when you say your order will be delivered by Monday the British person expects their order delivered by Monday.

This may sound obvious but my testing of other online pharmacies based abroad tells me that this is far from what usually happens. My passion is my pharmacy and I am committed to working very hard to do what it takes to build a reputable company.

To my knowledge we are the only Indian pharmacy using DHL Express for a 3 working day delivery time. A signature is required so do make sure you are in. You can sign up for alerts so you will be notified every time the parcel is scanned into or out of a place.

We supply a prescription which helps the parcel pass customs. You may get a text from DHL asking you to pay a small customs charge and after payment the parcel should arrive the next day. Banks are usually skeptical about international payments to India and often stop them for your own protection.

If you are having problems paying then please message me and I will try and sort it out for you. I would like you to help me build the company up, I want to sell what you want to buy. I have only added a few products but if you want something you cannot see then please message me.

If you like our service please leave a review for us, if you have any constructive feedback for us, ring or message me on my UK phone number and I will endeavor to improve our processes.

Our prices are competitive because DHL have given us great rates, however they have warned us that if we cannot deliver a certain number of parcels a month then the delivery charges will rise by up to four times. Please help us keep prices low for you.